Transport Activity

    • The company has 10 certified transport vehicles (road tank cars) for transportation of energy products on the territory of the country and abroad.

    "INS PETROL" carries out retail and wholesale fuel trading, as well as fuels transportation of other petrol products.

    • Petrol А95Н
    • Petrol А98
    • Diesel fuel
    • Diesel Б5
    • Fuel for heating (gas oil)
    • Gas oil for ships
    • Boiler fuel
    • Aviation fuel JET A1
    • Propane-butane (LPG)
    • Bitumen

    Our clients are big transport companies, farmers, plants, quarries, greenhouses, production factory units, construction companies, etc.

    The high range of road vehicles, equipped in accordance with the latest technological standards – separate cells, vapor extraction system, bottom filling, air suspension, injection additive systems, pumps, electronic counters that measure the unloaded fuel, measure its temperature and calculate the compensated volume. All road vehicles annually go under the state metrological control and this allows us to fulfill the service in the fastest and most qualitative way.


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