Ship Supply

    • We trade with diesel fuel for supplying ships, yachts and other vessels. Depending on the business activity of the respective vessel, the diesel fuel can be marked, which is a reason for non-charging an excise. In the cases when the ship is sailing under a foreign flag, VAT is not charged.



    • For the implementation of the ship supply which is done under strict customs control, the company has four transport vehicles, equipped with GPS devices – holding a certificate for approved containers for transportation of energy products, issued by the Customs Agency.
    • Since the day the company was established, "INS PETROL" believed that the people are the biggest asset. Captivated by dynamic thinking and innovative management, talented and devoted to work employees have one common goal: to distinguish in the responsibilities that were assigned to them. This united focus has given the company the advantage to respond to the wishes of all its clients and to develop and change depending on the dynamic environment in this business.
    • "INS PETROL" is a company with established qualities in the field of ship supply, which keeps good contacts with both, a number of marine equipment manufacturers, as well as with many ship owners. On the basis of the knowledge that our team has concerning the needs of the ship, of the wide range of goods in stock, strategically located equipment and commercial contacts all over the world, we can guarantee a cost-effective ship supply. Receiving most of the widespread goods directly from the manufacturers, we provide immediate delivery capability, permanent good quality and competitive prices.
    • It is a fact that the company enjoys being long years on the market. We are one of the most preferred partners of the well-known ship owners from all over the world, in service of the ship supply.
    • Quality products at a competitive price and 24/7 contact with us, guarantees timely and accurate deliveries, in accordance with the requests of each client.