Fuel trade

    • One of the first and main trade activities of "INS PETROL" is the business with fuels. Fuel trading plays a key role in the development of company’s success. The distribution of light, dark fuels and propane-butane on the territory of Bulgaria is one of our main activities.
    • The company has 24 hours service, 7 days a week. The requests made via telephone, fax and e-mail are being processed up to 10 minutes after receiving them. In "INS PETROL" we are extremely flexible in our price policy – price-formation and way of payment. We can prepare an offer which is in conformity with the concrete needs of each client – corporative or final customer. Our prices are one of the most competitive on market, and the quality is guaranteed. We also offer additions to the fuels.
    • Our clients’ needs are extremely important to us. The delivery of the fuels is done with our own transport and this allows constant control of quantity and quality. Unloading at places difficult to be reached is not a problem for the company.
    • The structures of human and material resources that have been created, as well as the achieved results until the present moment are factors, which guarantee quality services, professionalism and security and serve us as a proof that we are a reliable partner and guarantee the stable business relations to our future contractors.